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Yellow - Naped Parrot Population Stabilization

Wild & Free

Our mission is simple:

Ensure each new generation of parrots fly wild and free.

Guanaja is home to the regionally endemic Amazona auropalliata caribaea, common name: Yellow Naped Parrot.

In 2018, only 323 parrots were counted in the wild on Guanaja. 

Yellow-Naped Parrots are important seed dispersers capable of reforesting large areas of land, and share a mutually beneficial relationship with Guanaja's endemic pine trees.

Currently, the greatest dangers to their existence are illegal trafficking, climate change, and deforestation.

Our project addresses the problems while also offering solutions:

  • Supplemental nests are installed to encourage reproduction

  • Poachers are trained and involved in parrot protection field-work

  • All-ages educational programming and career opportunities

Since the project began in 2018, we have averaged a 96% success rate in protecting nests from poachers, and have increased the parrot population to over 1000 individuals.

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