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Fundraise from Afar!

Community Based Fundraising

Fundraising from the remote island of Guanaja is not easy. This is why we rely on partners across the world to help us fundraise. 

Conservation is a global effort.


Trivia nights, dinner parties, presentations, and simple "proceeds will be donated" events are all fantastic ways to support the Green Island Challenge. 

We also encourage the model of "partying with a purpose" because conservation should be joyful and rooted community building.

Reach out and we can help with materials, ideas and planning!

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Volunteer Programs

Work Hard, Play Hard

Learn to dive while protecting turtles on a remote Caribbean island?


Bird watch in one of the Caribbeans most bird-diverse islands while saving an endangered parrot?

We offer a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to directly get involved with our work. 


Join us during the summer to protect marine turtles and their nests while leading citizen science research projects.

Or help us track, monitor and defend the endemic and endangered Yellow Naped Parrots during the spring.

We work with universities to ensure class credits and support research.

PADI diving certifications, AGRRA certification, research support, and work exchanges are also included. 

All volunteer programs are 100% personalized so write us for more information!

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Make a Donation

Simple, Easy, Direct

We appreciate your concern for our island and your generosity in supporting our work. 


As a grassroots organization, every contribution goes directly to the work with no overhead costs.  Our goal is to become a model for conservation in the Bay Islands.

We work with a number of fiscal sponsors, ensuring tax-deductibility.  What goes around comes around and we strive for reciprocity in everything we do.

Interested?  Have questions?  Don't hesitate to contact us. We respond to ALL emails.  

Thank you for your support.

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