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Green Island Challenge Guanaja

Conservation.  Education.  Action.

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Who We Are &
What We Are About

The Green Island Challenge (GIC) is dedicated to the proactive protection of Guanaja's ecosystems. 

We focus on Guanaja's most endangered species, recovering their populations to stable numbers via research-driven field-work.

Along with conservation, the GIC actively provides alternative livelihoods for islanders by creating long-term, sustainable jobs, inspires youth action, and nurtures environmental consciousness in the community.



Yellow- Naped Parrot Population Stabilization

Turtle Nest Protection

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Environmental Education


Recover Endangered Species From Extinction

Provide Alternative Livelihoods for Former Poachers

Halt Deforestation and Reforest Damaged Areas

Inspire Youth to be Proactive in Protecting Their Island

Wild & Free 2021
Wild & Free 2021
Wild & Free: Yellow Naped Parrot Flock
Installing Supplemental Nest
School of Blue Chromis @ The Pinnicle, Guanaja
Turtle Nest Hatching
Turtle Nest Defense: Hawksbill Laying Eggs
Dolphins at Open Water Event
Wild & Free: Yellow Naped Parrot Protection Fundraiser
Wild & Free: Yellow Naped Parrot Protection Fundraiser
Feb 20, 2022, 4:00 PM – 8:00 PM CST
East End, Guanaja, Honduras

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